The Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission – also known as the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) – is an intergovernmental organisation (IGO) and a regional sea convention in the Baltic Sea area. A regional platform for environmental policy making, HELCOM was established in 1974 to protect the marine environment of the Baltic Sea from all sources of pollution.
Create reports for my area
The reports are available based on the following mapping services and provide information on the availability of data for your defined area (which has to be a location in the Baltic sea area).
contains datasets on land-based pollutions sources, human activities and aggregated pressure layers used for Baltic Sea Pressures and Impact Index.
contains HELCOM monitoring stations network as defined in HELCOM Monitoring manual and HELCOM Assessment units
Indicators and assessments
contains HELCOM thematic assessment result maps, core indicator key message maps and underlying spatial datasets used for assessments.
contains datasets related to biodiversity such as Ecosystem components maps, HELCOM MPAs.
Human activities
Red listed species and habitats
contains datasets on human activities layers used for Baltic Sea Pressures and Impact Index.
contains datasets on the RED LIST species and biotope distribution maps
contains data and maps related to shipping and pollution response.
contains background datasets published by HELCOM, e.g. marine and terrestrial boundaries and drainage areas.
Maritime Spatial Plan Areas